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Main features of insulating materials


Electrotechnical silicone waterproof seals usually refer to materials with a resistivity greater than 10 and a power of 9 Ω.cm. The function of the insulating material is mainly to isolate the charged parts with different potentials in the electrical equipment.

Therefore, the insulating material should have good dielectric properties, that is, it must have high insulation resistance and compressive strength, and it should be able to avoid accidents such as electric leakage, creepage and breakdown; secondly, the heat resistance of the insulating material is better, mainly It is guaranteed that there will be no performance change due to long-term heating; in addition, it has good thermal conductivity, moisture resistance, high mechanical strength and convenient processing.

Insulation materials commonly used by electricians can be classified into inorganic materials and organic materials according to their chemical properties. Insulation materials and mixed insulation materials.

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